Working with NRCCE

NRCCE works with a variety of individuals to conduct its research and outreach missions. To learn more, see appropriate sections below.

WVU Faculty
Faculty may work with NRCCE on large, team-oriented proposals in response to federal opportunities, or faculty may request support for small, exploratory research projects that offer promise of growing into work that could compete for national funding. Faculty may contact NRCCE program managers in their area of interest or may schedule an appointment with the NRCCE director to learn more.

Industry may work with NRCCE through collaborations on a variety of research and education programs. Examples include the Appalachian Oil and Natural Gas Research Consortium, TransTech Energy program, the National Alternative Fuels Training Consortium, and the West Virginia Water Research Institute. Typically participation is through the coordination of research in response to federal funding agency opportunities. NRCCE may work as a prime contractor or as a subcontractor on federally funded research. NRCCE may also conduct specific research on behalf of an industry sponsor. Industry representatives may contact program managers in their area of interest or may schedule an appointment with the NRCCE director to learn more.

Students interested in energy or environmental research should first contact faculty members within their major and graduate department to learn about assistantships. Typically, funds for graduate assistantships and student worker positions are distributed to faculty members with whom NRCCE works. The faculty members decide whom they want to hire.

NRCCE does retain a few student position to assist with research, analytical lab, or communications. Those positions typically are advertised through the academic departments whose students would have the right qualifications for the work. Students must be accepted to WVU in an academic program to qualify for NRCCE programs.

As a unit of West Virginia University, the NRCCE follows all purchasing policies and procedures of the University and of the WVU Research Corporation. Purchasing is coordinated through the Research Expert Business Office. Contact that office for more information.

Contact Trina Wafle, (304)293-6038, to discuss how you can work with NRCCE.