Electric Industry Research Group (EIRG)

A completed program of NRCCE. Sponsored by the Office of the Governor of West Virginia; the WVU Coal and Energy Research Bureau; and the US Department of Energy, Office of Industrial Technologies.

The EIRG benefitted enormously from meetings and interactions with the Public Service Commission of West Virginia; the Harvard Electricity Policy Group; the Carnegie Mellon University Department of Engineering and Public Policy; the West Virginia Coal Association; the West Virginia Development Office; the US Department of Energy, Office of Electricity Policy; Allegheny Power Company; and the American Electric Power Company.

West Virginia University EIRG Members

Muhammed A. Choudry
Computer Science and Electrical Engineering

Stratford Douglas

David Greenstreet
Bureau of Business and Economic Research

Caulton L. Irwin
National Research Center for Coal & Energy

Ronald L. Klein
Computer Science & Electrical Engineering

Thomas F. Torres
Resource Economics

Tom Witt
Bureau of Business and Economic Research

Interim Reports

Important Documents

For more information, please contact Carl Irwin at Carl.Irwin@mail.wvu.edu