Energy & Environment

From water quality monitoring to exploring alternative fuels, the heart of the NRCCE lies in our commitment to energy and the environment.


Our many programs focus on research and outreach in everything from acid mine drainage to energy efficiency to smart grid.  Our experts work cooperatively with scientists, faculty and community leaders to protect the environment while securing energy needs.

Analytical Lab

Since 1993, the NRCCE Analytical Laboratory has supported environmental and engineering project analyses for academic, corporate, and governement clientele. Our mission is to provide high quality physical, biological, and chemical analytical testing services to WVU faculty and external researchers. Learn more.

NRCCE Archives

The archive page provides a repository of completed programs, past events, workshops, and presentations.  Learn more.


The NRCCE has experts in many energy and environmental fields. To learn more about these experts, go to our Experts page.

The People Behind the Programs

Our people make the NRCCE great. Visit our People Behind the Programs page to learn more about the staff the keeps the NRCCE running.