$1 million for NESC’s Drinking Water Clearinghouse

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September 05, 2008 by The National Environmental Services Center

Morgantown, W.Va. —  Grant Continues Service to America’s Small Communities

Thanks to a million dollar grant provided by the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Rural Development Utilities Service, the National Environmental Services Center’s (NESC) National Drinking Water Clearinghouse (NDWC) will continue to offer free and low-cost information and assistance to small towns and rural areas across the country. Based at West Virginia University (WVU), the clearinghouse is now entering its 17th year.

“We are pleased that Rural Development has once again recognized and supported our work assisting small communities with their drinking water issues,” said Gerald Iwan, Ph.D., NESC’s executive director. “With more stringent regulations, rising fuel costs, and a host of water quality issues, the services we provide have never been more critical.”

To help small communities address their drinking water needs, NESC’s National Drinking Water Clearinghouse offers a free technical assistance hotline, the quarterly magazine On Tap, a comprehensive Web site (www.nesc.wvu.edu), and more than 400 free and low-cost educational products.

NESC’s staff of engineers, water system operators, and specialists provide information about subjects such as: household wells, source water protection and conservation issues, water treatment technologies, treatment plant operation and management, updates about regulations, and funding sources for community water infrastructure.

“Over the past 16 years, we’ve expanded our services greatly,” Iwan said. “What hasn’t changed, though, is our commitment to providing assistance, solutions, and knowledge for solving small community environmental challenges. If you have a drinking water question or problem, we encourage you to contact us first.”

Located at WVU, the National Environmental Services Center (NESC) helps small and rural communities with their water, wastewater, utility management, and infrastructure resilience issues. To learn more about NESC, call (800) 624-8301 or visit www.nesc.wvu.edu.