Energy efficiency expert Carl Irwin promotes “TransTech” concept for new energy technologies

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January 15, 2011 by Trina Wafle, NRCCE

Morgantown, W.Va. — Ben Adducchio, reporter for West Virginia Public Broadcasting, interviewed NRCCE’s Carl Irwin about the coming changes in energy. Excerpts of his interview follow:

A research team is looking at technologies to help reduce CO2 emissions and protect the environment. One specific “trans technology” is gaining a lot of attention at the National Research Center for Coal and Energy at WVU.

The research center is an organization looking at expanding the energy portfolio of the state and the nation.

“Trans” technology stands for transition energy technologies.

They are described by researchers as not exactly green, not exactly clean-but reasonable ways to create a sustainable energy future in the state.

Carl Irwin is the director of the energy efficiency division at the National Research Center for Coal and Energy.”States like West Virginia, Kentucky, Illinois, Virginia, and Pennsylvania are not going to go totally green overnight, but there is a transition going on,” Irwin said. “I think we have to admit that energy is in a transition.”


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