NRCCE’s NAFTC program welcomes new consortium member

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13 November 2009 – Georgia Technical College recently became a National Training Center member of the National Alternative Fuels Training Consortium (NAFTC), headquartered at the West Virginia University National Research Center for Coal and Energy. Dr. Flora Tydings, president of CGTC, accepted a commemorative plaque, presented by Dr. Linda Smyth, chair of the Board of Directors of the Middle Georgia Clean Cities Coalition, on behalf of Al Ebron, NAFTC Executive Director. Dr. Smyth noted that the institution is one of 37 member institutions across the United States that make up the NAFTC, which is the only nationwide alternative fuel vehicle (AFV) and advanced technology vehicle training organization in the U.S.

“Alternative fuel and advanced technology vehicles, such as those powered by biodiesel, ethanol, natural gas, hydrogen, propane, fuel-cell, and hybrid electric systems, are a means for improving air quality and breaking America’s addiction to foreign oil,” said Ebron. “NAFTC National Training Centers help promote the adoption of alternative fuel and advanced technology vehicles, while preparing an adequate workforce to support them, through a variety of automotive training programs for technicians, fleet managers, public safety and first responder organizations, as well as the general public.”

CGTC became an NAFTC National Training Center after a comprehensive application and review process, verifying their dedication to furthering the advancement, understanding, and use of alternative fuel and advanced technology vehicles. In addition, each NTC makes the commitment to serve as a catalyst in the progression of alternative fuel and advanced technology vehicles by forming partnerships with entities such as local utilities, fleet managers, high schools, and any other private or public organization that would benefit from learning about AFVs.

NAFTC welcomes new National Training Center, Georgia Technical College

NAFTC welcomes new National Training Center, Georgia Technical College

“Supporting the advancement of energy independence through alternative fuels and alternative fuel vehicles and advanced technology curriculum and industry training allows us to insure that our automotive program students and instructors have the necessary tools to continue our reputation of excellence,” said Becky Lee, Vice President of Economic Development at CGTC. “Technical colleges continue to grow in value as they address the needs of their communities. CGTC is recognized as a leader in joining forces with many local, state and national partners to move forward with initiatives that stand to greatly impact the future of the college, the region and its citizens. Becoming a member of the NAFTC serves to strengthen our commitment to make a difference in the lives of students and help the communities we serve grow and prosper.”