WVU-based consortium implements cutting edge hybrid vehicle training

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14 June 2009 –

Morgantown, W.Va. – Program leads to certification for hybrid and electric vehicle propulsion system instructors.  

The National Alternative Fuels Training Consortium (NAFTC), headquartered at West Virginia University, is playing a key role in preparing Americans for increased use of hybrid and electric vehicles by offering certification training for propulsion systems instructors.

Members of the consortium from throughout the US will journey to Morgantown for the new hybrid vehicle training program developed in partnership with Automotive Research and Design, Inc. (AR&D), a technology company that specializes in the development of training materials that support electric vehicles, hybrid electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid electric vehicle propulsion systems.

Al Ebron, NAFTC executive director, explained that, “With the growing interest in vehicles powered by electric drive, there is a significant need for training more people on how to use and maintain the propulsion systems. This training package was designed and is presented to train the people who will end up teaching others.”

He said that NAFTC members, who are primarily from other universities and community colleges, will be in Morgantown June 22-26 to attend the first “train-the- trainer” session. The training will prepare the participants to return to their own schools to implement the course into their automotive programs or teach a growing number of independent garage owners and automobile dealers who wish to learn more about maintaining the new propulsion systems.

“The course will also ultimately benefit high school instructors and other target audiences,” Ebron said. “The initiative will allow the trainer a great deal of flexibility to offer classes from 1-5 days in length for adult learners or as a semester or multi-semester class for students.”

NAFTC is a nationwide training organization that develops curricula and conducts training, and conducts education and outreach activities, on alternative fuel and advanced technology vehicles and related technologies. With National Training Centers located nationwide from Maine to California, each center provides Training with Impact through its experienced instructors and real-world shop facilities. Numerous other members from secondary schools, small businesses, government, and industry also support the NAFTC’s mission. For additional information on the NAFTC, visit www.naftc.wvu.edu or call 304-293-7882.

Contact: Judy Moore, National Alternative Fuels Training Consortium, West Virginia University, 304/293-7882 or 304/216-3021

Posted June 14, 2009