WVU First Aid Kit Requirements

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October 5, 2015.  By WVU Environmental Health & Safety

This information pertains to the content, placement, and usage of first aid kits in all West Virginia University buildings and facilities. References to activating EMS by dialing 911 may have different applicability throughout the state. Each campus or office is responsible to determine their local emergency response agency and identify the appropriate contact information. Some important information must be noted in order to properly maintain a first aid kit in any West Virginia University facility.

• Any department or administrative unit of West Virginia University may maintain a first aid kit.
• It is not necessary to be First Aid/CPR certified to use first aid kits.
• Units that do require First Aid/CPR responders must comply with OSHA’s Bloodborne Pathogen standard (CFR 1910.1030).
• The locations of first aid kits shall be clearly marked so that those who need to locate them may do so quickly and easily.
• All employees should be informed regarding the availability and location of any first aid kits and supplies.
• It should be noted that any department or administrative unit of West Virginia University shall not provide or maintain any form of medication (oral, topical, inhaled, prescription or non-prescription) in first aid kits for use by any individual.
• First aid kits are strictly intended to allow persons to treat themselves and/or others for minor medical incidents, not to replace the professional EMS services.
• Any medical emergency which involves loss of consciousness, profuse bleeding, possible broken bones, head or neck injuries, serious burns, cardiovascular distress, or any other serious injury or illness should immediately be referred to the EMS system by dialing 9-911 (or the appropriate local emergency number) from any West Virginia University telephone.
• The contents of each first aid kit should be inventoried at least quarterly (every 3 months) and restocked in a timely fashion.

Contents of First Aid Kits
First aid kits may be created based on individual organizational needs. Supplies may be purchased through normal West Virginia University purchasing procedures. Many vendors provide pre-packaged first aid kits which may be tailored to meet individual needs. If pre-packaged kits contain any oral or topical substance, these substances shall be removed from the kits and appropriately destroyed and disposed of. Appropriate supplies and equipment which may be purchased and maintained in University-funded first aid kits may include, but are not limited to: ƒ

• Adhesive Bandages (Band-aids) ƒ
• Bandage scissors ƒ
• Blanket ƒ
• Cotton ƒ Gauze Pads (4″ x 4″), (3″ x 3″) ƒ
• Ice Packs (chemical) (or use Ziploc bags if ice is available) ƒ
• Medical Gloves ƒ
• 1″ Medical Tape ƒ
• Moist Towelettes ƒ
• Roller Gauze (1″-3″ available) ƒ
• Triangular Bandages ƒ
• Elastic Bandages (Ace wrap) ƒ
• Gauze Bandages (self adhering)

As part of the EMS system, early first aid can play a critical role in the reduction of death and disability. Any person or persons administering first aid should work cooperatively with the ambulance service EMT’s and EMT-Paramedics if such services are required as a result of a given emergency. Those involved in providing such care should identify themselves to the responding ambulance service and briefly describe the situation and the aid given.

This information is not intended to cover situations in which West Virginia University employs or uses personnel with specific education, certification and/or licensure to deliver emergency care. Quick responders such as EMT’s, EMT-Paramedics, Registered Nurses and other health care professionals should have available all supplies and equipment which they have been authorized to use by virtue of their specific training or medical protocols.


Contact: Cristina Dumitrescu, NRCCE Building and Safety Committee Chair
304-293-6906; CRDUMITRESCU@mail.wvu.edu