WVU recommendations for severe weather events

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March 21, 2016 by WVU Safety

What to do when:

  • You receive an emergency warning message

From WVU: If you haven’t subscribed to WVU emergency text messages, you can do so at  http://emergency.wvu.edu/alert/

From Monongalia County or other media sources – FYI: Monongalia County Security Emergency Management will launch a free app for smartphones alter system. This new system will soon be announced and encouraged for residents, visitors, and students to enroll. Until then, the information will be continue to be posted at  https://www.facebook.com/MCOEM/?fref=nf

What to do:

  • Seek immediately shelter in the nearest facility or building, away from exterior doors and windows. Be prepared to kneel facing the wall and cover your
  • If time permits, occupants of wood-frame or brick buildings with wood floors should leave the building and go directly to a more substantial concrete building, preferably with a
  • If encounter a student or visitor should direct them to take appropriate physically disabled individual should assist them if possible.
  • After getting to a safe location and without jeopardizing your safety, try and obtain additional clarifying information by all possible means (e.g. WVU Homepage, TV, radio, email, )
  • Do not go outside during thunder or wind storm until the storm has passed.
  • Be aware of downed wires and falling objects.-NRCCE-