Export Controls Announcement by the Provost

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March 18, 2016

Dear Faculty, Staff and Students,

As West Virginia University continues to ascend the ranks of respected research and academic institutions, our endeavors have become more complex and globalized. Global engagement and innovative, boundary-testing research are crucial to the University’s continued growth, and with these undertakings come important legal obligations. The federal government has enacted export control laws that protect U.S. national security interests. These laws and regulations help ensure that whenever certain information or items are shared outside the U.S. or with foreign nationals in the U.S., the United States and its citizens remain safe at home and abroad.

A critical component of West Virginia University’s mission is supporting fundamental research, as well as developing relationships and participating in the worldwide academic community to further the pursuit of knowledge. As a public institution of higher education, West Virginia University has many international scholars; employs many foreign nationals; collaborates with international partners on research, education and services; and hosts foreign visitors in connection with international exchange programs, international students and other business and collaboration agreements. These are all important. West Virginia University intends to welcome its international scholars, collaborate with foreign nationals and host international visitors, both long and short term, in the most open and inviting manner possible while also ensuring compliance with U.S. laws and regulations governing the export of certain items and information.

West Virginia University’s policies and procedures for export control compliance are defined in this Manual, which is intended to be followed to facilitate compliance with U.S. export control laws and regulations. As part of West Virginia University’s compliance with U.S. laws and regulation governing export control, and with the need to assist in ensuring the safety and well-being of those traveling abroad, the University has created a registration portal via the WVU Abroad travel system. Registration through this portal is mandatory and must be completed 30 days prior to travel. The portal can be accessed at internationalprograms.wvu.edu/faculty-staff/travel-registration, where you will also find additional information pertaining to international travel. Registration via this site encompasses export control compliance, registration into international travel insurance and registration with International SOS, which provides medical, clinical and security advice and assistance to organizations with international travelers and/or operations.

I also encourage you to review the condensed export control procedures at the West Virginia University Export Control Office’s website: exportcontrol.wvu.edu. These cover some of the most frequently encountered issues on campus in a quick-reference manner. Finally, the University’s Export Control Office is a very helpful resource and I encourage you to contact them with all questions or concerns related to these issues.

Joyce McConnell
Provost & Vice President for Academic Affairs