Morgantown user fee reflected in WVU checks beginning mid-January

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January 15, 2016 by WVU Today

Morgantown, WlVa. – The City of Morgantown has enacted a $3 per week user fee for all who work within the city limits.

This affects all West Virginia University employees, including student workers, whose actual work address is within the city limits.

The fee will be withheld from paychecks beginning with the paychecks received on Jan. 16. Note that the amount will be $6.50 as state employees remain on a 24-pay-period-per-year schedule.

EBOs have been reviewing records to ensure work addresses are correct, but employees should also check themselves, using MyAccess. Note that those who work two jobs within the city limits only need to pay the fee once, but it is up to the employee to ensure that the second employer is aware of the prior payment.

The “Prior Payment Form,” (MSF-3) can be obtained online here. The completed form should be given to the secondary employer.

The fee, which is estimated to generate almost $4.7 million annually, is to be used exclusively to improve road conditions with more road resurfacing, new road equipment and more staff, and provide additional funding for police equipment and to retain, recruit, and hire more police officers, to help keep residents, workers, and visitors safer from crime in all areas of the City.


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