PCard holders: be aware of changes and restrictions on the use of your card

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February 23, 2017 by WVU Procurement Contracting and Payment Services

Morgantown, W.Va. — Procurement Contracting and Payment Services is now enforcing recent rule changes governing the use of PCards. PCPS updated its policies and manuals last fall as part of the ongoing effort to reduce the University’s purchasing expenses, including transaction fees associated with these cards. If you are a cardholder, please familiarize yourself with the new guidelines.

The list of prohibited PCard expenses includes: fuel for personal vehicles; meals and personal expenses, even when on business travel; cash advances; gifts for employees; gift cards unless approved by PCPS in advance; and software, unless approved in advance by Information Technology Services.

These restrictions apply to, among other things: business cards, letterhead and other items purchased from Printing and Copier Services; logotypes, wordmarks, photos and other services from University Relations; and catering from Dining Services.

Whenever possible, you should use Mountaineer Marketplace for routine purchases. Just log into MyAccess and look for the gold tab, then click on the blue button and start shopping.

Purchase Order payments also MUST be processed through Mountaineer Marketplace. Look under PCPS Automated Forms in the middle of the screen for your options, and contact your Expert Business Office if you need assistance.

PCards can still be used for travel expenses, emergencies and small, one-time purchases. If you’re not certain whether your PCard is appropriate for a particular purchase, ask your department EBO or download the Purchasing and Payment guidelines document under the Manuals and Procedures section of the Mountaineer Marketplace site.

For additional questions, visit the PCPS website, where you will find an extensive list of resources, or contact PCardAdministration@mail.wvu.edu.