NRCCE Analytical Lab awarded ERA certificate of excellence for quality control

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July 17, 2015 by Kathy Jesperson, NRCCE

Amy Fernandez, NRCCE analytical lab technician, tests water samples for a WVU researcher to determine aluminum concentration. The lab has been awarded a certificate of recognition and excellence for quality control from Environmental Research Associates.

Amy Fernandez, NRCCE analytical lab technician, tests water samples for a WVU researcher to determine aluminum concentration.

Morgantown, W.Va. – The analytical lab at the National Research Center for Coal and Energy (NRCCE) has been awarded recognition from the Environmental Research Associates (ERA), the leading provider of environmental proficiency testing and reference materials, located in Golden, Colorado. This Certificate of Excellence and Recognition means that the analytical lab demonstrates superior quality in laboratory testing, producing credible results for those who use its services.

Liviu Magean, director NRCCE Analytical Lab

Liviu Magean, director NRCCE Analytical Lab

“This recognition means that we have successfully passed quality control parameters set by ERA,” said Liviu Magean, laboratory director.

“This independent recognition will provide our customers with assurance that we can do the job precisely,” said Gabriela Perhinschi, laboratory manager.

Environmental laboratories are required to conduct periodic proficiency tests to maintain their accreditation. Proficiency tests measure a laboratory’s ability to generate high-quality, credible results for their clients.

NRCCE’s Analytical Lab:

  • Supports environmental and engineering project analyses for academic, corporate and government clientele;
  • Provides high quality physical, biological, and chemical analytical testing services to WVU faculty and external researchers; and
  • Provides testing services for groundwater, coal ash, soil, grain, fish tissue, sewage and wastewater.

0911 - Blue test tubes croppedFor more information about the Analytical Laboratory at the NRCCE, visit their web page at


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