TransTech Energy conference seeks start-up or commercially promising projects in energy, environmental and economic development

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August 18, 2015 by Kathy Jesperson, NRCCE

TransTech sliderMorgantown, W.Va. – TransTech Energy Research and Business Development, a program at West Virginia University, is seeking people with start-up companies or commercially promising projects who would like to present a pitch at its fall conference.

The TransTech Energy Business Development Conference, being held on Nov. 5-6, 2015 in Morgantown, W.Va., promotes new companies that can provide solutions to energy, environmental and economic development challenges, such as creating new jobs and more competitive industries.

The deadline to apply to make a pitch is September 14, 2015. There is no charge to apply to pitch.  If chosen to participate, there is a nominal registration fee and a chance to win monetary prizes at the conference.

During the conference, there will be opportunities to network with industry executives, members of the economic development community, academic and national laboratory researchers, and other energy entrepreneurs.

Start-up companies and commercially promising projects should satisfy some aspects of the following criteria:

  • reduce greenhouse gas emissions/improve efficiency/diversify energy supply;
  • improve industrial competitiveness, increase demand for advanced manufacturing processes;
  • generally available for implementation in the near term yet may present research challenges to achieve greater effectiveness in the future;
  • enable energy-intensive companies and fossil energy industries to reduce emissions and improve energy efficiency.

Examples of transtech energy technologies can be found on the conference website at

To apply to pitch a project or product, go to:


Contact: Angela Shock; TransTech Energy; 304-293-6520

About TransTech Energy
TransTech Energy (TTE) refers to transition technologies, strategies, apps and software that move us along the pathway to a lower carbon, industrially competitive, sustainable economy of the future. In addition, energy technologies and strategies are constantly in transition as countries around the world strive for economic growth and stability, a reasonably healthy environment, and national security.

There are great opportunities in this country to build new companies that meet these challenges. TTE’s goal is to promote new companies and commercializable projects that can provide solutions to energy, environmental, and economic development challenges such as creating new jobs and more competitive industries.