DOE EPSCoR State Implementation Grants Program – 2016

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The expected DOE EPSCoR State Implementation Grants solicitation announcement for 2016 has not been released. The application process requires teams to provide a Letter of Intent by January 11, 2016 and a Pre-Proposal by January 29, 2016.***Pre-Proposal Deadline Extended to February 8, 2016***

The deadline for applications for the 2016 DoE EPSCoR State Implementation Program is likely to be in April of 2016. While we wait for the release of 2016 solicitation, researchers can obtain a copy of the most recent solicitation here.

The State of West Virginia is permitted to submit a single proposal. Therefore, investigators are encouraged to build on existing collaborations or develop new collaborations with faculty at other WV academic institutions and/or with WV industries.

The following attachments include specific instructions on how to prepare a successful proposal:

File Name Download Link Date Posted
Announcement and Pre-proposal Instructions – 2016 DOE EPSCoR Implementation Grants Program 12-23-15
Observations on DOE EPSCoR Merit Review Criteria 12-23-15
Pre-Proposal Budget Template 12-23-15
Template for Team Member Roster List 12-23-15
Announcement – Meeting to Discuss DOE EPSCoR Implementation Grants Program, Thursday, January 7, 2015 at 1.30pm in Room 120 Advanced Engineering Research Building (AERB, Evansdale) 12-23-15
Handout File at DOE EPSCoR Implementation Presentation at WVU 1-7-16 1-8-16
DOE Implementation Grants Presentation at WVU 1-7-16 1-8-16

Additional information and materials may be posted later, so check back frequently.

Interested applicants are encouraged to email Richard Bajura, with a copy to Cristina Dumitrescu:
cc: Cristina.Dumitrescu