International Activities
Shenhua Ningxia Coal Industry Group, Sept. 21-22, 2016

Completed Programs

Acid Drainage Technoloby Initiative (ADTI)

Center for Advanced Separation Technologies

Combustion Byproducts Recycling Consortium

Consortium for Fossil Fuel Science

DOE EPSCoR State Implementation Grants Program – 2016

Generic Mineral Technology Center for Respirable Dust (GMTCRD)

Monongahela Basin Mine Pool Project

National Environmental Education Training Center (NEETC)

Risk Assessment for Coal Slurry Injection


Central and Southern Appalachian Workshop on Climate Variability and Change (CSAW) – May 26-29, 1998

West Virginia Energy Roadmap Workshops – 2003 & 2004

3rd US-China Clean Energy Workshop – October 18-19, 2004

West Virginia Energy Forum on Mine Safety Progress – June 29, 2006

West Virginia Coal Forum – “Coal:  Energy, the Environment & West Virginia” – October 15, 2008


Coal In Your Tank:  the ultra-clean transportation fuel of the future?
Gerald Huffman – Director, Consortium for Fossil Fuel Science, University of Kentucky [ppt 5.37MB] – November 5, 2005


WVU Shale Gas Network Forums

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• View forum on the shale oil and gas revolution and world energy prices – 10/26/15
• View forum on shale gas environmental impacts – 4/25/14
• View forum on shale gas utilization and innovation – 9/22/14
View forum on new gas transmission: the Atlantic Coast Pipeline – 12/1/14

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