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July 8, 2015 BY kathy jesperson, NESC

nescMorgantown, W.Va. – The National Environmental Services Center has two new articles available on its website. “Perseverance Pays Off” is about Fulton, Alabama, a town with wastewater problems so bad that untreated sewage was flowing into ditches and nearby streams. But with high hopes and a view of the possibilities, the town found an alternative system that met its needs—STEP units. This alternative way of treating wastewater is cost effective and meets treatment needs.

“Reynolds, Georgia, Gets Clean Water Upgrade” is the story of a small town with the motivation to make better things happen. Despite a population well below poverty level, the town still needed to find a way to upgrade its failing wastewater plant. With a vision and a mission, town leaders found low interest funding and grants to get he job done. The town installed a multi-stage activated sludge biological process system.



Contact: Mark Kemp, 293-6895

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