NRCCE hosting “EPA CO2 Endangerment Findings” webinar

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22 April 2009 –

Morgantown, W.Va. – The National Research Center for Coal and Energy has paid the registration fee to show a webinar produced by InfoCast entitled “EPA CO2 Endangerment Finding” on Thursday, April 30, 1-2:30 pm in NRCCE Conference Room 125.

The US Environmental Protection Agency has forwarded to the Whitehouse an “endangerment finding” under the Clean Air Act that would lay the foundation for EPA greenhouse gas emission regulations under the Act. The webinar will feature a panel discussion on these findings.

The endangerment findings, while on the one hand regarded as a Sword of Damocles hanging over a Congress that regards taking on climate change legislation as politically difficult, would also trigger a long process involving numerous mechanisms under the Clean Air Act that ultimately implies a rulemaking proceeding.

Combined with the recently introduced proposed regulation requiring many industries and businesses to report their GHG emissions, the stage is set for the EPA to develop the basis for a greenhouse gas regulatory system.

The panel will discuss the recently announced finding, what the process entails going forward, and the implications for large GHG emitters. The following questions will be addressed:

  • What has EPA done to date?
  • Who will have compliance obligations?
  • What actions is EPA currently taking in order to implement such a program?
  • What are the potential impacts of the endangerment finding on legislative movement?
  • What are the likely implications of regulating CO2 through the CAA on reporting requirements and compliance?
  • What might the impacts be on permitting and operations?
  • What types of comments and litigation might be forthcoming?

William L. Wehrum, Partner, Hunton & Williams

David Bookbinder, Chief Climate Counsel, Sierra Club
Claudia O’Brien, Partner, Latham & Watkins, Co-Chair, Latham & Watkins Climate Change Practice
William Kovacs, Vice President, U.S. Chamber Environmental and Regulatory Affairs Department (invited)

For more information: (304) 293-2867 x5421,


Posted April 22, 2009