Analytical Lab

Providing quality chemical and environmental solutions for your analytical testing needs

Since 1993, the NRCCE Analytical Laboratory has supported environmental and engineering project analyses for academic, corporate, and government clientele. Our mission is to provide high quality physical, biological, and chemical analytical testing services to WVU faculty and external researchers.

Current facilities include:

  • ICP optical emission
  • Flame AA
  • Ion chromatography
  • LaChat flow injection analysis for nutrient and ion analysis
  • Gas chromatography using mmass spec detection, along with flame ionization, and thermal conductivity
  • HPLC analysis

In addition, the laboratory has access to modern analytical equipment for the analysis of coal and coal-derived products, such as:

  • Elemental analyzer–for the analysis of carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, and sulfur
  • Proximate analyzer(TGA)–for the analysis of moisture, volatiles, and ash content
  • Calorimeter–for the measurement of the caloric value of materials

We provide testing services for groundwater, coal, biofuels, coal ash, soil, grain, fish tissue, sewage, and wastewater.

We offer specially-priced analytical testing packages or design your own unique custom-built package. Free estimates and consultation to determine your specific analytical needs are available upon request.

All analyses are performed observing relevant EPA Protocols.

Lab performance is checked through frequent ERA Proficiency Testing.

WV Certification will follow.

ICP OES, Flame AA:

  • Heavy Metals, Acid Mine Metals
  • Phosphorus and Sulfur

IC & LaChat:

  • Sulfate, Ammonia, Nitrite, Nitrate, Fluoride, Chloride, o-Phosphate, Bromide

Volatile & Semi-Volatile Organics:

  • HPLC
  • Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometry

Biological & General Chemistry:

  • Total Coliforms & Fecal Coliforms
  • Fecal Streptococcus
  • pH, Alkalinity, Acidity, Conductivity
  • TSS, TDS, TS, Hardness

Coal and Carbon Products Analysis Packages:

  • Acid Mine Drainage, Aquaculture, Slag
  • Customer-built design
  • Choose Single Analytes (Matrix includes: water, sewage/sludge, sediments, fish tissue, solids)

Additional Services:

  • Watershed sampling
  • Consultation
  • Clean Room Rental Area
  • Open Facility Tours
  • Method Development

Past Studies

  • EPA study to investigate the current water quality of local watersheds and the impact on the first order Appalachian streams from acid mine drainage and acid rain.
  • Quality control check lab for WV Department of Agriculture’s study on nutrient loads in the WV eastern panhandle and the impact of agricultural practices on the Potomac River watershed
  • Center for Environmental Research’s long-term environmental impact assessment on stream ecology due to highway construction and operation of Corridor H
  • WVU Aquaculture Effort investigating the feasability of raising rainbow trout in reclaimed acid mine drainage waterways, as well as, the accumulation of heavy metals and toxins in fillet tissue.
  • WVDNR and WVDEP statewide investigation to analyze edible fish tissue for mercury and PCBs
  • WVU Hydrologic Research Institute’s development of analytical protocols for selenium speciation in acid mine drainage
  • National Foundation for Eye Research’s study on cataracts in human lens
  • National Science Foundation’s five-year ecological study to determine the phosphate movement in flood plains
  • Center for Advanced Separations Technology project to develop electrochemical sensors for on-site monitoring of heavy metal ions in coal processing and utilization

Contact the Analytical Laboratory
For information regarding services contact:

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Gabriela Perhinschi
Laboratory Manager
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