The NRCCE’s programs total between $10 million to $16 million annually. Program funds are from state, federal, and private sources.

State Funding

The NRCCE receives an annual allotment of University state funds, a portion of which allows the NRCCE to provide modest amounts of cost-sharing or seed funds for WVU faculty research focused on energy or environmental issues. Seed-funding awards typically range from $10,000 to $25,000.  Cost-sharing amounts required as matching on federal funding opportunities can run substantially higher. Faculty members may discuss their seed funding or cost-sharing requests with an NRCCE Program Manager or the NRCCE Director. To secure state funds, the faculty member must write a memo to the NRCCE Director that includes a brief description of the proposed work, amount of funding being sought from other sources (including funding from the faculty member’s department or college, if available), and the amount requested from NRCCE. The memo must be signed by the faculty member’s chairperson and dean as an indication of support for the request.

Other sources of state funding for NRCCE activities include the West Virginia Development Office, the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection, the West Virginia Division of Natural Resources, the West Virginia Department of Health and Human Services Bureau for Public Health, and others. These funds are obtained through the submission of proposals to those state agencies.

Federal Funding

The majority of NRCCE’s funds are from federal sources received through the coordination of large, team-oriented proposals to federal agencies. These agencies include the U.S. Department of Energy, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the U.S. Geological Survey, the Office of Surface Mining, the Rural Development Authority, and others. The proposals may include WVU faculty members along with researchers at other private or public organizations. NRCCE reaches out to faculty members whose expertise corresponds to the funding opportunity.

Private Funding

The NRCCE partners with industry on the submission of large, team-oriented proposals in which industry partners may provide cost share funding either as cash or in-kind contributions. Industry sources may also sponsor research activities individually or as part of a larger effort.


Contact Trina Wafle, (304)293-6038, to discuss your questions about funding.